Background Story

OK. After having this blog online for some weeks and getting some reactions it is time for more explainations:

We started the whole thing because of an advertisement deal that came in very unexpected last december.I was called on a thursday morning and got asked if we want to take part in a series of little clips for a big mobile phone company. The idea of theese clips is to satisfy whishes of artists/musicians, film that and turn it into little clips.

We had only a few hours time to think of what we would whish, because the whole thing should be filmed the next day. So we thought: Well great! This is a chance to take some money from a big company and transform it directly into a charity thing. We said "Give us 1000 Bomberjackets to give to homeless people". But that didn't work out so fast. Until the next day we could only get a pile of 100 Jackets, which we thought was at least a beginning. Then we found out that that the budget we could generate through this job would only be enough for a few hundred jackets. So we had the idea to use our name and generate even more money through donations. All with the goal of reaching a minimum of 1000. The same afternoon we bulit the little blog which we launched a few days later (also as a popup in front of our homepage) . And to get a bigger attention we decided to spray our name "Jeans Team" and a plain "donated by" onto the jackets.

Which I think was a great idea! A brand is also a link. And if I want people to go on my site and donate it would be very clumsy not to put this link in a very prominent place, right?

So the next day we did all that. Picked up the jackets, sprayed them and gave them away. 
The people who got them where very grateful and happy. And they liked the fact that Jeans Team is a band and not some kind of big business cooperation... whatever. It was really fun giving away the jackets. 

We are very happy to get some articles and radio interviews now also. They help us to reach more eventual donators. 

So much for now...

Thank you for your support! 
Jeans Team