The Project.

1000 Bomberjäckchen is a charity project to give bomber jackets to homeless people. 


We are a band from Berlin called Jeans Team. Some of you might know us from hits like "Keine Melodien", "Oh Bauer" or "Das Zelt".  While working on our latest song called “Bomberjaekchen” we fell in love with pilot jackets all over again. It simply is a classic that has everything a street jacket needs. You can wear it on any occasion, yet it is very durable and practical. It`s like a second skin and it makes you look good. It just never let`s you down.´

We think that these extremely warm military jackets are the perfect clothing for people who are outside most of the time and live under extreme circumstances. So we had the idea to give them away to people who are in need of resistant and warm clothes: the homeless. 

This December we gave away the first 100 pilot jackets to people who live on the streets in Berlin. And if everything turns out well we will be able to give another 100 to homeless people in Hamburg on the 1st of January. The jackets are extremely well received. Talking directly to homeless people and organizers of emergency shelters had a very motivating effect on us to give out even more jackets. 


Now we want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of a bomber jacket. Our current goal is to give at least 1000 jackets away. 
As a band we are travelling all over Germany, Europe and the World. That makes it easy for us to work on this project in various places.
We want to use this potential!


The statistic says that Berlin has around 8000 homeless people. Another figure you can find online is a total of around 120000 homeless all over Germany. 
Although these numbers are huge, they are ignored. Homeless people are mostly invisible. 
So, who will ever take them into account? We talked to experts who assured that there are 
many more of them than those figures show. Right now it is winter. They are freezing and in need of help.


Therefore, we are asking you to support us. You can become part of the project by donating money for more jackets.
We will use that money to buy as many jackets as possible and hand them over at 
places where homeless people meet: soup kitchens, emergency shelters, places where street papers are handed out.

Help us finance this project and donate to one of the following accounts:




Name: Jeans Team 
Account Nr.: 1478379 01   
Bank Code: 29070050   
Bank: Deutsche Bank  
IBAN NR.: DE97290700500147837900
Swift Code: DEUTDEHB
Reference: bomberjaeckchen

For more information please write to:

Thank you for your support! 
Jeans Team


Barbara said...

wow! what a splendid idea - i'm in! next step would be to design bomber pants for overall warmth. xx

Ulrike said...

Verstehe ich das richtig? Man spendet Geld dafür, dass Obdachlose zu PR-Objekten werden?

Ist nicht alles an dieses Aktion grundfalsch?

Mr_Nimble said...

Nein, man spendet Geld damit Obdachlose ohne Dach übern Kopf und ohne Chance auf Harz 4 oder ähnliches zumindestens was warmes anzuziehen haben. Und wenn die jungs da gern noch ihr Tag drauf knallen lass sie doch, ist ja auch "ihre" Aktion. Was zählt ist die Idee, und da die Menschen hier in diesem untergehenden Sozialstaat lieber die Augen schließen, als enger zusammen zu rücken, ist das sogar eine glänzende Idee.
Meine 15€ habt ihr.
Schön das ihr euch so angagiert.

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